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Housing Assistance

Region 4 Supported Housing Programs

Region 4 Behavioral Health System administers 3 Supported Housing Programs: 

Mental Health (MH), Transitional Aged Youth (TAY), & Substance Use Disorder (SUD). 

*These programs are not an emergency form of assistance.

The purpose of the Region 4 Supported Housing Programs are to help eligible service participants obtain safe and decent housing at an affordable cost. The housing assistance funds serve as a “bridge” to other housing sources, such as the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Programs (commonly referred to as "Section 8") or living in independent housing without rental assistance.  The Region 4 Supported Housing Programs will use the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program as a model for program development with the intent that the transition from one program to the other will go as effortlessly as possible. 

The Region 4 Supported Housing Programs follow the Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Model.  This means that the funds are designed to help individual households afford housing costs.  The eligible participant receives assistance to cover Housing Related costs (such as rent, utility costs, security deposits, and/or utility deposits). The service participant chooses his/her own housing unit.  The housing unit must meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS). 

The service participant needs to clearly document that he/she has exhausted all other resources first.  If it is clear that no other options are available, then the following other related one-time costs may be approved: reasonable moving expenses, needed furniture (such as couch, bed, table and chairs), items needed to make the service participants’ apartment suitable for living (such as bedding, dishes, silverware, and pots and pans), and general kitchen supplies.

Minimum Requirements & How to Apply

All persons requesting assistance from any of the Region 4 Supported Housing Programs need at minimum the following before they can be considered for assistance:

  1. Enrolled in an authorized behavioral health service, such as Community Support or Recovery Support, through one of Region 4’s Network Providers (Behavioral Health Specialists, Goodwill Industries, Heartland Counseling Services, Liberty Centre Services’ CPP, or The Well);
  2. A MH or SUD diagnosis from a service provider within the last 12 months; and
  3. Be at least 18 years of age (TAY program can serve 17-year-olds if someone is willing to co-sign lease).

After you have completed the first two items,  have your support worker contact Region 4. 

After you are enrolled in Community Support or Recovery Support you will also need the following:

  1. Proof of income (need to meet very low-income levels set annually by HUD); and
  2. Proof all other housing opportunities, such as HUD or other community agencies in the applicant's area, have been exhausted.

Requests need to be made through this process or you will not be eligible for assistance.

Authorized Providers and their Coverage Area

  • Behavioral Health Specialists-Norfolk and surrounding area: 402-370-3140
  • Liberty Centre Services CPP-Norfolk and surrounding area: 402-370-4204
  • Goodwill Industries-Columbus and surrounding area: 402-942-9007
  • Heartland Counseling-South Sioux City and surrounding area: 402-494-3337
  • Heartland Counseling-O’Neill and surrounding area: 402-336-2800
  • Due to receiving preference on the MH wait list, several long-term inpatient facilities & MH hospitals also have the ability to complete Region 4 housing applications, such as Faith Regional Health Services, The Link, and The Well.

Benefits for Landlords

  • Tenants have at least one contact persons in case of emergencies, including a 24 hour contact number.
  • Most community support workers meet with the tenant weekly. Most of those visits are conducted in the home.
  • Rental assistance payments are paid directly to the landlord.
  • If the tenant qualifies for utility assistance, those bills are paid directly by the Region.
  • Region 4 supports and helps mediate grievances between the landlord/property owners and the tenant.

For additional information regarding the Region 4 Supported Housing Programs, please contact:

Matthew Nykodym
(402) 316-1780


Kalli Nygren
(402) 316-1777

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