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Regional Prevention Coordination

What is prevention?

Prevention is about fostering healthy, strong communities to build healthy, strong youth.  According to the Southwest Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (Southwest CAPT), prevention is a proactive process that empowers individuals and systems to meet the of life events and transitions by creating and reinforcing conditions that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles.
The goal of substance abuse prevention is the fostering of a climate in which (a) alcohol use is acceptable only for those of legal age and only when the risk of adverse consequences is minimal; (b) prescription and over-the-counter drugs are used only for the purpose for which they were intended; (c) other abusable substances are used only for their intended purposes; and (d) illegal drugs and tobacco are not used at all.

Region 4 Prevention System Coordination

The purpose of Region 4 prevention coordination is to prevent the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, for all ages, through forming and supporting local/county community coalitions within our 22 counties which sustain a statewide prevention system.  Region 4 prevention staff provide prevention system leadership, training opportunities, support and technical assistance to providers, community coalitions, and multiple stakeholders to implement evidence-based programs and practices.  We also work closely with our partners in planning new services and ensuring the appropriate use of funding for prevention activities.  

Area Community Coalitions

Area Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) Coalition

  • Better Choices for Boyd County
  • Pierce County SIC
  • Healthy Choices for Cherry County
  • BKR (Brown, Keya Paha & Rock Counties) Coalition
  • Holt County Sound Substance Solutions
  • Knox County Cares
  • Antelope County Does Care

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Healthy Community Initiatives (HCI)
Juvenile Awareness Group (JAG)
AOD Coalition – Northeast Community College



Prevention dollars through Region 4 also fund the School Community Intervention and Prevention (SCIP) Program, which is currently in 20 schools in the Region 4 coverage area, and the Zone Afterschool Program in Norfolk.  





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